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1. Introduction

1.1 The opening of an account and access to the online betting service with Fonbet (the “Company”) is permitted solely to clients over 18 years of age.
1.2 It is each clients responsibility to ensure that they comply with their own local laws with regard to betting, before opening an account or placing a bet with the Company. A client is deemed to have read and accepted the Company’s rules by opening an account or by placing a bet with the Company.
1.3 The Company reserves the right to invalidate or refuse bets made in violation of these Rules.
1.4 If any fraudulent activity is detected, the Company has the right to nullify the bet, close the account and return the cash balance. Any such case will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities.
1.5 A player unsatisfied with a matter relating to a bet shall notify the Company within 10 days after the end of the game. Notification made after the 10 day period will be disregarded. Such a notification shall be made in writing. The Company’s decision will be deemed as final.
1.6 These rules come into effect from the date of publication on the site and are applicable to all bets and operations made from this date forward. The Company reserves the right to change, amend or add to these rules as they see fit by giving no further notice other than posting the current rules on the Company’s website. All previous editions of the rules will be cancelled. All paragraphs of these rules, terms, bets, names and other texts on this site are in English. Notwithstanding any translation of these rules and guidelines on our website, English is always the deciding language in case of differences in interpretation.

2. How to open and operate the account

2.1 The client must first register in the betting database. It is necessary to submit your first and last names, residential address and contact phone number. In the case of inaccurate data supplied, the Company reserves the right to suspend operations in the betting account and to invalidate bets. It is the client’s responsibility to update this information should there be any changes to the personal data provided. Upon successful registration, the client is assigned a unique registration number which will be used for account management. The client can use their betting account for bets and other services within the site. All other operations (transfer of funds in other payment systems, payment for various services, etc.) are prohibited. N.B. Gambling can violate the laws of the jurisdiction where the client is located
See more information at registration page.
2.2 Deposits may be done in one of a variety of methods, including: credit card, multiple internet payment services amongst others. The minimum deposit amount depends on the method of depositing used.
Click here for details.
2.3 The client is completely responsible for the secrecy of his account details, safety of the account number and password. The Company may not be held liable for consequences caused by access to the client’s personal data by unauthorized persons. The loss or steal of password will not be considered as grounds for cancelling bets or cancelling withdrawal requests. Should the client become aware (or suspect) that the password and/or personal data has been stolen, he should immediately change the password and notify the Company. For security reasons we recommend you change your password from time to time. It is possible to change your password in the Security of the Personal Information section. By opening an account the client agrees to receive the SMS information service messages.
2.4 Each User is only permitted to have one active gaming account and must prohibit third parties from using this account. Any subsequent accounts opened under the same postcode/personal details /IP address that are found to be related to any existing account may be closed immediately and any bets will be nullified at the Company’s discretion. The Company reserves the right to reclaim any winnings attained by these means.
2.5 The money will be remitted within no more than three working days after the acceptance of client’s request to withdraw. The minimal withdrawal amount depends on the method of money transfer used. The request should be made at the "My account" page by clicking a Request button. In the text of the request, client should fill all fields required, input name, account details, as well as the desired amount. In some cases, the Company may request some documents to confirm registration data.
Limitations in withdrawal and payments procedure.
2.6 In the case of an error when settling bets (e.g. because of the incorrect results of matches used for calculations), such bets will be recalculated. The bets placed between the first and the final calculations are considered valid. If after the recalculation of bets the clients balance is negative, the client will not be able to bet before topping up his account.
2.7 The Company does not recommend that two or more clients log in to the betting server from the same IP-address (the same computer or local network), because it may be perceived as fraud. In such cases clients should contact the Company in order to get permission, providing a valid reason. The Company has the right to request identification documents (such as Passport copy, driver’s license and so on).
2.8 Bets are not accepted by persons who are participants in the events on which bets are made (athletes, coaches, referees, etc.), as well as acting on behalf of the participants in the events. Bets are not accepted from persons representing the interests of other betting companies.
2.9 When betting, it is prohibited to use hardware and software, using algorithms of automatic decision-making, as well as programs and scripts that perform auto-complete forms and automatic sending of requests, including the so-called "bots". The Company reserves the right to suspend or block the accounts, invalidate bets and seize funds from the balance of accounts if these rules are violated.
2.10 A client has the right to close his/her account. To do so, the client must send a request from My Account section. The client may withdraw funds from his/her account according to the standard procedure as described in the Payments section of the site.

3. General Betting Rules

3.1 All bets will be accepted in accordance with the current LINE - a list of events with the fixed odds and winning coefficients established by the Company. The odds can be changed by The Company after the bets are placed, but conditions of bets remain intact. Clients should check for all possible changes in the odds prior to placing the bet.
3.2 A client cannot change or cancel a bet after registration on the server and after receiving the acceptance message and coupon number assignment. However, in accordance with point 4.5 of the rules, the bet may be cancelled by the Company. Any failure in communication is not a valid reason for cancelling a bet, if the bet was registered on the server. A client can only place bets to the extent of the funds in his account. When the bet has been placed and registered, the sum of the bet stake will be deducted from the clients deposit account. After the bet calculation, all winnings are added to the client’s balance.
3.3 It is possible to bet on singles, combos, or "system" bets.

Click here to see a table of permutation bet combinations.

See examples of bets here.
3.4 The minimum bet stake on any single event is $2, and $1 on a combo bet. The minimum stake on one combination in a system bet is $0.5 (but minimum $3 overall stake on the whole system). The maximum bet stake is up to 5000$, and is determined by the corporation for each event. Maximum winnings for one bet are 10000$. Maximum winnings for one client per week (Monday through to Sunday GMT+4) are 100000$.
3.5 The Company has the right to limit the maximum bet stake on the selected events and also to limit or to increase the maximum bet stake for a specific client without prior notice or explanation of the reasons. The Company has the right to limit or reject specific clients from accessing the services provided without prior notice or explanation of the reasons.
3.6 Bets are accepted until the kick-off time is advertised. If a bet is accepted for a match after its kick-off time, the bet is considered to be void. An exclusion of this rule should be made for live betting, whereby it is possible to place bets after the match starts. Bets on Live events are considered to be valid if they were placed prior to the end of the match.
3.7 The Company has a right to cancel the live bet, if it is determined that the client had prior information about the outcome of an event specified in the bet, at the moment of placing the bet.
3.8 If during the process of placing the live bet the client agreed with the changes of the odds or other details of the bet (handicap, total, etc.) the bet is considered valid even if the score of the match was changed by the time the bet was registered.

4. Rules of settling bets

4.1 All event dates and times published by the Company are tentative. An incorrect event date, time or additional information such as the status or stage of the tournament and the score of the first match and so on, is not a basis for cancelling a bet. If the event took place before or after the date of the initial declaration, then the result is deemed to be valid and the bets are valid if they are made prior to the start of the event. When an event is postponed by more than 3 days, the bets will be refunded. If the event is postponed by less than 3 days, then the bets are deemed valid, but the Company has the right to take a decision about refunding bets without waiting for the event, as the players are informed in the official results. If a NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL match is canceled or is not finished on the scheduled day, then bets will be cancelled and the clients balances refunded on the following day.
4.2 The home team is indicated in the first place in a line. If the game took place on the visitor team field (except matches between teams from the same city), all bets for the event will be considered void. The change of location to a neutral field is not a basis for cancelling bets.
4.3 Interrupted events.

4.4 If the primary result of the event was later changed for any reason, this change does not affect the bet results. In addition, bets are considered to be settled according to the primary result of an official protocol or other source right after the event is finished. In the case that there is no information on official sources, the company has the right to use other sources of information, including information from its own representative at the match. The list of official sources can be found here. The source stated in the betting line will prevail.
4.5 In case of human errors by the Company staff or computer malfunctions during the acceptance of bets (such as: obvious mistakes in odds, non-corresponding odds in depending positions, etc.), and in the case where the game is suspected of being rigged, or in other cases of violation of the Rules, the Company has a right to cancel such a bet. Administration is not required to submit proof of the suspected rigging or manipulation with the result of the event.
4.6 In case if a bet is considered to be void, this bet is cancelled and if it is the part of a combo or system bet, its odd considered to be 1.
4.7 All live results displayed on the Company’s site are for information only. The Company tries to display the correct current results, but they cannot be the basis of changing bet calculations and so on. Please use alternative sources of information while placing live bets (for example television, etc.).
4.8 Simultaneous bets and bets to circumvent the existing maximum bet or payouts for the same outcome from a group of persons (syndicate players, etc.) are not permitted. It is prohibited to place repeat bets for one and the same combination of outcomes, if the total potential payout exceeds the maximum. The administration has the right to invalidate such bets.
4.9In unclear situations, the Company has a right to the final decision.

5. The types and categories of bets

5.1 1X2 Bets. These are bets on the match result (home win(1), draw(X), away win(2)). The odds for home win are displayed in the first position in the table, the odds for draw in the xecond (X) and the odds for an away win are in the third position. In this case the result of the match is the outcome of the match. It is also possible to bet on the 1st team not to lose (1X) or the 2nd team not to lose (X2) or no draw (12).
5.2 There are bets to win a game with a handicap. A handicap is established by the Company and can be positive, negative or equal to zero for each team. For the determination of the result of a bet with a handicap, it is necessary to add (if the handicap is positive) or to subtract (if the handicap is negative) the handicap to/from the goals scored by a selected team (a handicap on the second team does not count). If after that the result is a win for the selected team, the bet is considered to be won. If the calculated result is a draw, the bet is returned. For example, if on the first team, a negative handicap is established as "-1", and the match was completed: a) with a score 0:0, the bet is lost; b) with a score 1:0, the bet is returned; c) with a score 2:0, the bet is won. And if the established positive handicap is "+0.5" and the match was completed a) with a score 0:1, the bet is lost; b) with a score 0:0 or 1:0, the bet is won.
See the examples of general types of bets
5.3 Asian handicap. A bet on the team or total with a handicap of 0.25, 0.75, 1.25 etc. This bet is considered to be the two bets with the nearest "ordinary handicaps" or "ordinary totals". Such events are marked "Asian" in the betting line. If the Asian handicap bet is a part of a combo or system bet, it is considered to be with odds as if it is calculated in a single Asian bet. If both half bets are won, the full odds value used is (K). If one half-bet is won and the other is void, the value of (K+1)/2 is used. If one half-bet is lost and the other is void, the odds of 1/2 are used for calculations. If both half-bets are lost, the whole bet is considered to be lost.
5.4 There are bets on total points or goals in the game ("Over-Under"). The bet can be placed on "Under", in this case the client predicts that the amount of the points or goals scored by both teams will be less than the fixed total. By putting the bet on "Over", the client predicts that the amount will be higher than the fixed total. If the amount of the points or goals is equal to the fixed total, the bet is returned.
5.5 There are bets to win tournaments or to qualify for the next round. If one of the competitors was not able to start the event, all bets on such event are considered to be void. In the case when two or more of the participants share the 1st place, the odds are calculated as follows: K=(Ki-1)/N+1 where Ki are the initial odds of the participant, N - number of winners.
5.6 There are bets to predict the correct score of the game and the double result. In a "double result" bet you should guess the result of the first half and all the whole match. In the betting LINE the following signs are used: 1/X 1/1, etc, the first letter means the result of the first half, the second - the result of the whole match. 1 means the win of the 1st team, 2 - second, X - draw. The result of second half for a double result bet does NOT count. For example if the match ended with score 1:1, and first half was 1:0 the double bet 1/X is considered a winner.
5.7 Match day statistics betting. If at least one match was interrupted and cancelled (see paragraphs. 4.3 and 4.1) all the bets on match day statistics are considered to be void, except the bets for which the results were already obviously determined (for example the bets like "there will be the draw 0:0", "all the teams will score", etc.) The Company has the right to cancel bets for match day statistics if the information about cancellation of one event will appear before the start of matches. This information would feature in the official Company results list. If any player in tennis refused to continue the match (regardless of the reason) this player is considered to be the loser when the match day statistics are calculated. The home teams are considered teams which are listed first in the betting offer.
5.8 Betting on odd/even total in a match. The odds for this type of bet can be found in a betting line. The score 0-0 is considered to be even.
5.9 Betting on individual statistics of players. If a player did not appear on the playing area (did not play), such bets are considered to be void. For players who started but did not finish the event, bets are settled according to the current result at the moment of their withdrawal from the event, and they will be considered as taking the last place in protocol for calculations. Bet "Will hat-trick be scored" is considered to be won in case of 3 or more goals scored by the same player. Bet "Will double be scored" will be considered won in case of 2 or more goals scored by the same player. In bets on player’s statistics the auto-goals are not considered for the scorer. In the bets on team statistics an auto-goal is considered as a goal for the opponent. Special rules about football players are stated in paragraph 6.4. Special rules about tennis players are stated in paragraph 10.3. In non-game sports (skiing, biathlon, athletics, etc.) in comparison bets "Who is better" if the participant (for the relay races - the team) started but did not finish, then the bet on his comparison with the other participant (team) considered lost. If both contestants are out of the race, or if one of the participants did not start, bets are considered void.
5.10 Bets for times, periods, quarters, etc. In the case of an event being interrupted or cancelled after the first period (time, etc) was played, the bets for it are considered to be valid, even if the bets for the whole match are considered to be void.
5.11 Bets on time from start of match till the particular event, for example minute of 1st goal, 1st yellow card, etc. Player should predict the minute at which this event occurs. Exact time for settling of such events doesnt include seconds. For example, time of 1st goal, if it occurred 0mins10secs after kickoff is considered as 1st minute, in the case of 04mins10secs - 5th minute, 4mins59secs - 5th minute, 05mins00secs - 6th minute.
5.12 Bets on Statistics where the result is a percentage (e.g. % of First Serves Won, Ball Possession %, etc.) are settled according to the nearest whole number, rounded up or down if necessary.
5.13 Bets at the number of particular events (e1) which will occur before other events (e2) e.g., "number of shots on goal before first goal", "number of fouls before first yellow card", the shots on goal from which the goal was scored counts. If there are no goals or no yellow cards given, then the overall number of events e1 (i.e. number of shots or fouls) are counted as a result.

6. Soccer betting

6.1 Betting on soccer games are accepted by the regulation time (90 min). Time which referee adds to the regulation time is injury time (not to be confused with extra time - two halves of 15 minutes, which is assigned to the cup matches and do not count unless otherwise stated.) Goals, substitutions and other events of the game that have occurred in injury time are considered to have occurred in regulation time (injury time of the 1st half is considered the 45th minute, injury time in the 2nd half is considered the 90th minute).
6.2 In all cases of the bets on yellow cards, red cards are not counted, and if a player was sent off for two yellow cards, only one yellow card will be counted. The yellow cards shown to coaches and reserve players are not counted. Cards shown after the final whistle do not count.
6.3 It is possible to bet on which team will receive the first yellow card or which team will make the first substitution. If under the protocol of a match the indicated events have taken place for both teams on the same minute, the bet is returned.
6.4 In the case of a player not starting the match but entering the match as a substitute, special rules apply to the following bets: "1st goalscorer" and "scorecast" - if the score was opened before the substitution, the bets are considered as void; "To not score anytime" is considered as void irrespective of the current score of the match. Bet "score: yes" is calculated on the actual result.
6.5 The number of yellow and red cards, corners, goalposts and crossbars is determined by the video broadcast of NTV-Plus TV channels. If the broadcast was interrupted or was not carried by the channels of NTV-Plus package, the number of yellow, red cards and corners is taken from the official sources. All the other statistics (offsides, fouls, substitutions, etc.) are taken from official sources only. Substitutions made in the 46th minute according to the official source are considered to be made at the half-time break. A corner which was replayed counts in the calculations as one shot. Additional information regarding the calculation of the corners, yellow and red cards, goalposts and crossbars can be found in Bets on soccer.
6.6 Betting on the event which occurs first within the particular time interval of the game. The client should correctly predict which event will be the first within the time interval of the game: out, foul, goal kick, corner, offside, card (yellow or red), goal or nothing from the list. The comparison betting on the statistics, details where the client should correctly predict which will be first for the particular event within the time interval of the game. e.g. out or foul or nothing from the list. The calculation is executed according to the timer from TV transmission on the TV channel which is mentioned in the comment, to the particular match in the comment, to the specific event in the betting line. The timer in the betting line runs in synch with the timer on the TV channel and is considered to be the main timer for calculation when there is a temporary absence of the timer in the TV broadcast. The data from the sites, including official sites shall not be considered as the source for calculating bets from p 6.6. Additional information can be found in Bets on soccer.
6.7 Bet - “Will the corner kicks from all 4 corners occur in the match” - This is a type of bet for live betting where you should guess if the corners will be kicked from all the four corners of the football field – yes or no. The details of the information displayed in the betting line can be found in Bets on soccer page.

7. Ice Hockey and Bandy betting

7.1 For all the bets on hockey games, extra time (overtime) is not counted. For bandy betting the extra time (overtime) is not counted.
7.2 In hockey matches bets are accepted on Player Points (goals + assists). Bets must predict the total number of points achieved by the named player at the end of regular time.

8. Basketball betting

8.1 For all the bets on basketball games (including netball and streetball), extra time (overtime) is counted, except in specially defined events. In the case where a match ended in a draw, and overtime was not played, and there were no odds for draw, the bets on the match result are considered to be void and all the additional bets (handicap, total, etc) are considered to be valid. Rebounds in basketball are considered the basis of "personal + team."
8.2 In Basketball, the client can increase the given handicap on any team from 1 to 9 points. The client can increase or decrease the given total.
8.3 It is possible to place a bet on an individual total (a number of points scored by each team). You can "buy" points as per previous paragraph.
8.4 In basketball matches it is possible to place a bet on comparative scoring between quarters. In the case of equal scoring, the bet is returned.

9. Auto and Motor Racing bets

9.1 The rules for motor races are the following: a) the warm-up lap is counted; b) if both drivers have retired from the race, the winner in a pair is the racer who has completed most laps. If both have completed the same number of laps, the bet is returned; c) if a racer qualified, he is considered to have finished the race.

10. Tennis, volleyball betting

10.1 If a tennis match was interrupted, the bets are valid until the end of the tournament, when the match is resumed, or until one of the players is out of the event.
10.2 If the match is delayed due to rain or any other reason, all bets are considered to be valid and settled after match ends.
10.3If a tennis player abandons the match (for any reason) after the match starts, the opponent is considered to be the winner. All remaining games and sets are counted as a win by the winner. For example if during 5-sets game player A lead by player B with score 6:0 6:0 and player A retires, the final score will be 2:3 (6:0 6:0 0:6 0:6 0:6). The bets in individual statistics (aces, double faults, break etc.) are considered according to the result at the moment of match interruption. The bets on individual games are considered to be void in case no points are finished. Handicap and Total for tennis matches are counted for the games. Super tie break score is determined by points. For example score 2:1 (3:6 7:6 10:8) means total 20:20 by games.
10.4 In the case of an incorrect set number shown in the odds line, the bets on the games and handicap are considered void. Match winner bets are considered to be valid.
10.5 A wrong cover type, name of tournament, place of tournament displayed in the betting line is not considered to be a valid reason for cancelling a bet.
10.6 Tennis rules apply also on badminton, table tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball and billiards.
10.7 Any additional sets (i.e. "gold-set" etc) are not counted.
10.8 In volleyball the deciding 5th set (in beach volleyball - 3rd set) is not considered a tiebreak, it is a complete set and is taken into account to calculate on a general basis, including bets "Minimum/Maximum set total points under".

11. Baseball betting

11.1 For all the bets on baseball games, extra time (overtime) is counted. If two identical games take place on the same day, but only one match was offered by the Company, the result will be counted according to the first game. The home team in a match is the team which is second to stand up to the plate, regardless of the location of the game.
11.2 MLB SERIES. Bets on series are based on the FIRST 3 GAMES PLAYED of each series. If one of the first three games gets postponed, all bets stand. If the remaining two games are shared, all bets are considered to be void. If only one of the first three games is played, all wagers will be cancelled.
11.3 Betting on the first inning result. If the first inning was completed, all bets on it are considered to be valid, even if the match was cancelled. Betting on the main time (9 innings). These betting events have a mark "9 innings". Bets on the main time are considered to be valid if not less than 5 full innings were played. If the match was stopped with an even score and not less than 5 full innings were played, the draw is considered as a result of the match. In double result bets the 1st inning / whole match (1/1) are calculated based on the overall time result.

12. Other sports

12.1 Volleyball, snooker, billiards, darts and other sports where the match has a fixed number of games, frames, etc. Handicap and Total snooker/ billiards are recorded at frames. If one opponent did not finish the match (for any reason), he is considered to have lost. In darts the total and handicap in the match in case of no-sets format are calculated based on legs. In matches based on sets the same calculations are based on sets. In bowls game the total and handicap is calculated according to the number of sets in the match, including the additional end.
12.2 Cycling. The bets can be accepted after the starting time but no later than one hour before to the winner finishes.
12.3 Bets on American Football, La Crosse and Curling are accepted with extra time (overtime) being counted.
12.4 For handball, futsal, waterpolo, rugby, beach football and other game kinds of sport, only regular time is used to calculate the bets.
12.5 TV Show betting. In case of change of results or voting (participants, showmen, etc.) the first results are taken into consideration.
TV-Game "What,Where,When". When the deciding round takes place, the result of the game will be 6:0 in favour of the winner in the deciding round. Bet Right answer means all the answers, including in the blitz. In blitz, Scoring is awarded to the person who correctly answers the last question.
12.6 Weather. Results at Intellicast. Bets are accepted on Moscow temperature (airport Sheremetyevo-2) at 10:00 Moscow time the following day. . The results are based on data from Sheremetyevo-2 airport meteostation. In case of failure of the above the results from Russian.wunderground will be used. If both sites have no correct data by 10am, the earlier result should be used (for example, 9.30, 9.00, etc. but not earlier than 8.00). In case there are no results for 8.00 till 10.00 all the weather bets are considered to be void.
12.7 Boxing. If a fight is stopped in between rounds, the fight is considered to have ended in the previous round.
12.8 Cybersport. Dota 2. A handicap and total of frags are available for betting. The frag is being added for the elimination of the opponent’s hero. If a hero of a player is eliminated for any reason, one point (frag) is added to the opponent’s score. In the “next goal” betting field the word “goal” means “frag”. The bet is settled when the throne of one of the parties is fallen. If the game has not been completed for any reason, the bets are considered void except the bets on the completed frags. Results and statistics are available at

13. Fon-toto

13.1 Fon-toto is the special pool (tote) game where you need to select 1(home win), X (draw) or 2 (away win) for each of the 15 events in the Match List. One full variant consists of 1 outcome per event offered on the current Match List. You can choose 1 to 3 selections per event. Each variant for multiple selections is considered as separate and calculated separately. All payouts are calculated without taking into consideration the winning odds of each event.
13.2 Prize fund for each Match List is equal to 90% of the amount of all accepted tickets. A variant is considered won if it has at least 9 correctly predicted outcomes. One variant participates in prizes for its category, as well as in all the categories with a lesser number of correctly predicted outcomes (for example, if the variant contains 12 correctly predicted outcomes, it receives the share of the prize pool in the category of the 11th, 10th and 9th outcome as well). Prize fund distribution is as follows:
• 15 correct outcomes - 10% of prize fund
• 14 correct outcomes - 10% of prize fund
• 13 correct outcomes - 10% of prize fund
• 12 correct outcomes - 10% of prize fund
• 11 correct outcomes - 10% of prize fund
• 10 correct outcomes - 18% of prize fund
• 9 correct outcomes - 32% of prize fund
The category with all correct outcomes is also funded by a Jackpot which was formed from the previous Match Lists. The win for each variant is calculated by multiplying the winning coefficient for a particular category by the bet amount for this variant. The winning coefficient for a particular category is calculated by dividing the overall prize fund of this category by the sum of all bets with correct variants (i.e. if you bet more, you win more). If there are no winning variants in the current Match List, in any of the categories, the entire prize fund for this category is added to the Jackpot for the next Match List. The company has the right to additionally increase the Jackpot from the company’s own funds and set any minimum bet for each particular edition.
13.3 In the case of any event being cancelled or unfinished the rules on point. 4 apply. If any event from the Match List is considered to be cancelled, all the outcomes for such event are considered as won. Distribution of Jackpot in this case is as follows: in the case of 1 event considered to be cancelled 35% of Jackpot is paid out, if 2 events are considered to be cancelled - 20% of Jackpot is paid out, if 3 events are considered to be cancelled - 10% of Jackpot is paid out, if 4 events are considered to be cancelled - 5% of Jackpot is paid out. If 5 or more events are considered to be cancelled, this Match List is considered cancelled and all bets are void. Organizer of Toto reserves the right to use a part of the Jackpot in order to make the coefficient for winning bets not lower than 1,01. If 3 events from the Match List are considered cancelled, the category of "9 correct outcomes" is not paid. In this case the category of "10 correct outcomes" will have 40% of the prize fund, the category of "11 correct outcomes" - 20%, the category of "12 correct outcomes" - 15%, categories 13 and 14 correct outcomes - 10% each, the category of "15 correct outcomes" - 5%. If 4 events from the Match List are considered cancelled, the categories from 9 and 10 correct outcomes are not paid. In this case the category of "11 correct outcomes" will have 45% of the prize fund, the category of "12 correct outcomes" - 25%, the category of "13 correct outcomes" - 15%, the category of "14 correct outcomes" - 10%, the category "15 correct outcomes" - 5%. If before the start of events the Company has information about the cancellation of any event from the Match List, or if any of the events were scheduled incorrectly in the List (wrong names of opponents, wrong home/away team), as well as in the case of force majeure, including technical failures that may prevent all interested persons to make bets on the draw in full, the Company has an option (but not an obligation) to consider the Match List as void, cancel all bets and rebuild the Match List on the basis of it being cancelled.
13.4 Bets are accepted up until the start of the first event. The bets, placed after the start of any event in the Match List are considered void and cannot participate in the prize fund distribution. After registration of tickets, the information about all the bets registered and prize fund amount becomes available on the site, and you have an option to download the file which contains the complete list of tickets. In doing so, every client has the option to check if the prize fund and amounts for payout are calculated correctly. Information becomes available no later than 10 minutes after the registration of bets finishes.
13.5 Jackpot payout is made upon receipt of a scanned passport copy. The details in the passport copy must match the client’s details provided during registration.

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